Saturday, March 23, 2019

Want More Strength? More Flexibility? Check Out Strengthen and Stretch.

By Susan Walsh, ERYT 500, Anusara Inspired

“I love Susan’s Strengthen and Stretch class - it’s a great workout and fun. I highly recommend it.” ~ Bea

I created a new class for Shree a few months ago called Strengthen and Stretch. I wanted to take all of the great aspects from a normal yoga class but add more specific toning, strengthening and stretching aspects.   I added movements to give mobility to the joints and to help strengthen our muscles, heart and mind.  Gentle larger movements are done to lubricate the joints, warm the body up and slightly elevate our heart rate.  We use body weight resistance and resistance bands to strengthen and tone muscles in our legs, hips, chest, arms, shoulders and core (similar to movements done in physical therapy).  There are options to every exercise to accommodate all fitness levels.  The toning is followed by slow deep stretching allowing our bodies and minds to release tension, relax, soften and expand.  

The class is slightly more intense than a yoga class with the added benefits of strengthening and toning being worth the extra exertion.  The mind has a chance to slow down during the stretching portion and the seated meditation and Shavasana feels heavenly after all the hard work.  People leave class feeling awake, energized and fulfilled from our practice ready to approach the rest of the day.  

Strengthen and Stretch takes place Wednesdays 12:15 -1:30 pm weekly.  Suitable for beginners and those wishing to increase muscle strength and flexibility. No reservations needed.

Special offer!  Strengthen and Stretch class on Wednesday, March 27 at 12:15 pm is only $10.

See you there!

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