Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Retreat: an Act or Process of Moving Back or Withdrawing

When my daughter was a baby, she slept poorly, nursed frequently and cried mightily from repeated ear aches.  I was exhausted.  Beyond exhausted.  I was doing a poor job at everything and felt emotionally thin as a sheet.

I went on a weekend retreat to an ashram, or spiritual community.  I was able to withdraw from my exhaustion and stress.  I chanted.  I meditated. I practiced yoga.  I spent time in nature. I retreated from all that was causing me stress – just for 2 days.  I went through the profound and transformative process of withdrawal into my Self. 

I was refreshed and renewed by the retreat, and able to step back into motherhood with more joy, fortitude and patience.

I offer a similar retreat to you.  Whatever it is that is stressing you or making you feel emotionally thin: a newborn, a job, care taking, teenagers or a loss, or simply the desire to get away from it all, come for the weekend of August 2-4 to Ananda Ashram in Monroe, NY, and join me in the process of moving back into your Self.

Registration is open.  Space is limited and filling fast.  Details are here.