Sunday, February 19, 2017

Shree Expert Teacher Focus: Jessica Addeo

Jessica Addeo, RYT 200 

Jessica has been studying and practicing Ansuara yoga for over a decade. She has completed two 3 part immersions and two Anusara yoga teacher trainings (her most recent training at Shree Yoga). Jessica hopes to engage others in deep conversation with themselves in her classes as a means of "paying it forward" for all yoga has done to enhance her life. Her practice is inspired by the belief that the relationship we have with ourselves deserves the same time, attention and space as all the other relationships in our lives.

How do you stay connected to your practice when you can't get "on the mat"?

I am constantly reminding myself that my practice isn't just the physical poses, although this is my preferred way "in". My practice at the heart of things is how I am in relationship with myself and I can do that in many ways. Walking with my dogs is another physical means to get in touch with myself. And at my most limited moments, just sitting with myself, making time for quiet moments to connect, keep me centered. Sometimes the best I can get is sipping a cup of tea in the morning before I start my day or closing my eyes for a few breaths in the shower. When I remember that the meaning behind these actions is to find the "me" in my daily life, I feel better. When I first started practicing, I learned the value in slowing down. When I slow down I can listen to my inner thoughts and feelings and as a result my outer life becomes a more authentic representation of who I really am. As I have continued practicing I've learned how to listen off of my mat, if I make time, even just a few moments, for it. I will always love to come to classes but it is nice to have a fallback for when life gets full. 

What is your biggest physical challenge in your practice?

Strength! My practice feels best when I also have been doing some light strengthening as well. Pilates and light weightlifting are my favorite ways to support my practice. Poses such as hand balances and chaturanga (the hardest pose in my practice) are always a challenge. I have to work really hard to remind myself that I am strong, engage my muscles and then try the pose. 

Who inspires you? Why?

I am inspired deeply by the students who attend my class. When someone tells me that they look forward to my class all week or that something I said hit home with them I feel motivated to keep going. To keep on my path and continue sharing my perspective because it's helping not just me, but others as well. I have so often been in a class and felt like the teacher's theme was speaking to me directly and those words carried me through experiences off of my mat. The opportunity to be doing that for others will never cease to amaze me. 

Stop in for Jessica's class: Wednesday 7:30 to 8:45 pm Beginner Yoga

This Friday Night: Notes to Self

With Jessica Addeo Friday, February 24th from 6:30 – 8:00   PM
$20 or a class from your card.  No reservations.  Bring your mat, a journal or notebook, and pen.
 Your yoga practice will draw you in deeper to yourself, creating a relationship within you that is invaluable. Journaling can also be a tool for you to uncover the underpinnings of your daily life, your thoughts, feelings and emotions. When the two are connected, you have access to yourself through both the physicality of a practice and the introspection of journaling. There is no need to have writing experience or an advanced practice. This class will be a slow paced and gentle asana practice with several restorative poses sprinkled in. Throughout class you will be given a prompt and an opportunity to journal your contemplations.