Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Growing Your Practice

I’ve been hearing from many friends and students that 2016 was a tough year for them, and how happy they are to be moving forward to the next chapter.  January, one of the darkest months of the year, is optimal time for turning inwards as the season encourages, allowing ourselves to look deep into our hearts and let go of what needs releasing in our lives to make space for something new.  Once that space is made, like hoeing the rows in your garden to plant bulbs in the spring, this dark time in the cycle of the year is an ideal time to sow the seeds for what you wish to grow in the coming months. 

The word Shree means “life-enhancing” or “auspicious”.  It is our goal at Shree Yoga to always be moving towards that goal, both for ourselves and for our students, and we have added numerous ways to do that beginning this week.  We have added several new regular classes to the schedule including Early Morning Yoga, Yoga for Men Series, Master Your Balance, Tame Your Stress.  Upcoming workshops include Inversions for Beginners, Core Fusion, the and popular Melt Method and Intro to Yoga Series.

The teachers at Shree have also committed to a Personal Yoga Challenge for 2017 and we would love for you to join us! This is all about growing your personal sadhana (practice) in ways that will bring more Shree to your life. For example, Chaya is committing to sitting for morning meditation 5 days per week and attending 2 classes per week.   Valerie will practice 3-5 times per week either in class or at home, and include a 1-minute arm balance each practice. Jessica pledges to stay connected to her practice by aiming to take 5-10 minutes daily to practice, whether that be meditate, go for a walk, take a brief restorative or just take a quiet moment.   I (Rachel) am committing to 2 full practices (60-75 minutes) per week, at least one of them in a class, and working on press handstand 5 days per week.  Those are our personal challenges - now you!  Check out the website for suggestions, or speak with your teacher before or after class to create a plan to help you live your most meaningful and inspired life.   

Beginning January 1st register for the Personal Yoga Challenge either online or in the studio.  The program will run for 6 weeks, you pick the start date and what you want to work on.  Then create a page in the Challenge book in the studio (markers & stickers available to make it as beautiful as you are!) with your name, your goal, start and end date. Each class you take, each time you meet your challenge, log it in the book. Each week you will receive an inspiring email written by one of our expert teachers delivered right to your inbox to keep you connected and motivated.  When you’ve reached the 6-week finish, tell your teacher and we’ll all celebrate with you.  A special prize will be awarded to everyone who completes their personal Challenge.  For more info and to register click here.

As always, we look forward to another amazing year of alignment and grace both individually and as a community.  We treasure each and every one of you and what you bring to make our world more Shree.  Wishing you all a blessed and peaceful 2017.