Sunday, April 2, 2017

Getting Your BACK To Yoga

As a part of our  gentle therapeutic classes at Shree we have introduced a class specifically tailored to the  needs of those with back pain. Don't let a "bad back" keep you from practicing and even more than that let your practice guide you in supporting and healing your back. 

 Yoga for Back Pain Wednesdays at 6:00 PM.  
See our special promotional offer at the bottom of this post.

Create a Healthy Back – Yoga for Back Pain

Threw out your back? Occasionally sore? Chronic back pain or injury?  This class may be for you.
Focusing on the development of posture, balance and body alignment and a strong, deep inner core, you will be guided through specific yoga poses that can lengthen your spine, stretch and strengthen your muscles, and help return your back to its proper alignment. Beyond physical therapy, it’s the quality of focus, attentiveness, and mindfulness that practicing yoga gives, which really makes a difference.
You can expect to feel better, get stronger and learn how to avoid hurting your back going forward.
Certified Yoga Teacher, Terry Cotter, taught  at the Valley Hospital Spine Center after completing advanced training with Charlotte Stone E-RYT500 with presentations by Elliot J Lerner, MD Neuroradiologist, Valley Hospital.
Benefits you can expect:
  • Muscle strengthening from holding poses
  • Increased flexibility and ability to relax
  • Better posture, balance, and body alignment
  • Increased body awareness: understanding of your physical limits, and motions you should avoid
What some of our students have been saying: 

"I have been struggling with some low back issues for about a year.  It is such a frustrating time.  I have practiced yoga for many years, and now I am unable to move with a lot of discomfort.  Always looking for some help to heal, I was excited to see a “Create a Healthy Back” on the Shree schedule.  I went to Terry’s class full of hope that I would be able to practice and not be so uncomfortable that I would have to stop.  Not only were all my hopes met, they were exceeded. Terry is a wonderful teacher, with compassion, knowledge, and an obvious desire to help his students.  His class moved at a slow pace, really working into the back as he explained what we were working on and more importantly, why.   With a great mix of humor and seriousness, he showed us how to be mindful of our backs.  After class, I thought, “I feel so more open and I am so happy I can move with ease” which is exactly what I hoped for.  But better than that, the next morning, I woke up feeling my back was not quite as stiff and I knew that Terry has made a difference in my recovery. Thank you for developing this class with Terry as the teacher.  I know I will be returning to class.  I would encourage anyone struggling with back issues to come.  It will make a difference in your mobility and attitude. "

"Terry, I'm noticing how different my back feels since I started coming to your class.  I don't feel as stiff and  have noticed that it's easier for me to turn my head and look for traffic while I'm driving; I can turn my head more."

"I look forward to every class, I love how you get me to move and stretch; it seems like you know exactly where I hurt." 

"Great for back pain. Still yoga but sensitive to back issues."

Special promotion: Bring a new friend to their first class at Shree this Wednesday, April 5 at 6:00 PM, and you both receive a free pass to give to someone else to try the studio.