Sunday, April 30, 2017

Shree Expert Teacher Focus: Elizabeth Doberneck

Elizabeth Doberneck, RYT 500 Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher, Authorized Teacher of Neelakantha Deep Meditation

Elizabeth is a yoga teacher with more than 20 years of experience. Her intention as a teacher is to help each student find their appropriate edge of growth and transformation, while understanding that even small shifts can bring great healing and a sense of accomplishment. Elizabeth doesn’t just teach this, but practices it herself. Below she shares her experiences regarding a recent trip to India, her meditation practice and a retrospective look at her yoga practice. In addition to her regularly scheduled classes on Sunday morning, Elizabeth will be offering a new meditation course and an Anusara immersion this Fall.  Read on below to learn more about Elizabeth and her new offerings at Shree!

On India:
I recently went on Pilgrimage to India and the highlight of my trip was the five days I spent in the sacred temple of Chidambaram all the way in the south of India, in Tamil Nadu.  It’s the root place of all the teachings of Yoga and Tantra.  In the heart of the temple is the place where Siva Nataraja dances in the sky of consciousness. It was so extraordinary to be a part of the life of the temple and to feel a living connection to the lineage stream of the great wisdom teachings that have been the foundation of my practice and my teachings, of my life really. It was an unforgettable experience and I can’t wait go to back again!

How I became a meditation teacher:

In 2008, I went from having no meditation practice at all to just diving into the deep end of the pool — eventually to realize that not only was I not going to drown but that I had always been meant to do this.  And I had a superb guide to show me how.  That was the summer I met Paul Muller-Ortega, a master meditation teacher who has been teaching people to meditate for nearly fifty years.  I had been searching for my next teacher and there he was.  At the time, the only way to study with Paul was to commit to an entire year of intensive practice and study, so that’s what I signed up for not entirely sure how I would swing it financially or timing wise. This past summer of 2016, with great joy I became an authorized teacher of Neelakantha Meditation, this method of deep meditation that has changed my life so much. I am thrilled to now be able to offer it to my friends and students at Shree in a form that allows anyone to meditate easily and deeply after just two sessions of individual instruction.   

I love my meditation practice!  No matter what is going on in my life, no matter how bad things might seem, it is my absolute one hundred percent reliable refuge.  I sit down, close my eyes and settle into a place beyond all of it; a place that elicits so many different feelings: comfort, contentment, perfect security, peacefulness, abundance, love, a charged meaningfulness that bears all different kinds of gifts within it.  When I open my eyes the outer circumstances of my life may not have changed but I have and that makes all the difference. 

What I wish I had had when I started Yoga:

I am really looking forward to teaching the Immersion I in the Fall.  I love teaching this immersion because it is exactly what I wish I had had when I started yoga. When you feel the benefits of your practice and start to recognize its possibilities for improving your life, you naturally want to know more. I had to visit many different studios to try to learn more about how to advance my poses — how alignment worked, what alignments my particular body needed.  I craved to know more about the breath, about meditation and the perspective on life that yoga offers and that is such an important ingredient in making yoga practice transformative.  I wanted to have a more systematic understanding about all of this but no such thing existed that brought it all together. This is what the Immersion I offers.  Come join us!  We delve into all aspects of yoga so that your personal practice will be accelerated ten fold. You will open up not just your poses and practice but the possibilities of your life overall.

Come meet Elizabeth and learn more about her upcoming offerings at Shree:

Free Information Sessions, reservations required

  • 5/21 1:00 PM learn about the Meditaiton Cousre
  • 5/21 1:30 PM learn about the Immersion
  • 6/11 1:00 PM learn about the Meditation Course
  • 6/11 1:30 PM learn about the Immersion

**Reservations Required. Please text Elizabeth to reserve 646-489-7873.**

Read more about the Immersion and Meditation programs on our website.